Home to a deep forest under a mountain that is occupied by dark elves. The rest of the region is primarily inhabited by humans, but there are also a few small communities of dwarves from Hadaurm and a small number of half-elves who are the result of human and elf intermarriage. The Southern Kingdoms is a collection of diverse territories that were recently conquered by the Human Kingdoms. The area is known for its important docks and trading ports, making it a crucial hub for sea trading and exports for the Kingdom. Despite being a recent acquisition, the Southern Kingdoms are rapidly developing, and its people are working hard to integrate with their new rulers. However, the recent takeover has also led to some unrest among the locals, particularly among the non-human populations.


The Southern Kingdoms stretch out like a jeweled tapestry laid across the land, a mesh of vibrant terrains and lush vistas. As one ventures into this region from the north, the first sight that greets them is the expansive coastline. Golden beaches with shimmering sands stretch as far as the eye can see, meeting the gentle waves of the Azure Sea. These shores are dotted with quaint fishing villages and grandiose trading ports, their harbors bustling with ships from distant lands, their sails telling tales of far-off shores and mysterious islands.

The coast soon gives way to a rolling landscape of verdant meadows, speckled with bright wildflowers in the spring. These grasslands are occasionally broken by patches of olive groves, vineyards, and citrus orchards, revealing the land's bounty. The farmers of the Southern Kingdoms, predominantly humans, have tilled these soils for generations, and now their produce finds its way to markets across the whole of Icrandor.

Towards the west, the land elevates into the Teal Hills, a series of gentle undulating hillocks. The stone-hewn dwellings blend seamlessly with the rock, and at sunset, the hills come alive in a burst of radiant purples and oranges.

As one goes further West, they would stumble upon the imposing Whispering Woods, a dense and ancient forest stretching beneath the shadow of the majestic Blackpeak Mountain. The trees here are tall and ancient, their canopies so thick that sunlight struggles to pierce through. The forest floor is a mosaic of deep blues and purples, illuminated only by the bioluminescent fungi and flowers. The Gwaedellain have made this forest their sanctuary, their settlements hidden amongst the trees and beneath the earth, shielded from the prying eyes of the outside world.

Blackpeak Mountain itself stands as a silent guardian over the Southern Kingdoms, its peaks often shrouded in mist. Legends speak of hidden caverns and tunnels carved into the heart of this mountain, the secrets of which often discounted as rumors and folklore.

On the eastern front, where the lush landscapes begin to recede, the land transforms gradually into the vast expanse of the Ember Sands Desert. This arid region, while seemingly inhospitable, holds its own unique charm. Dunes stretch out like golden waves, shifting and dancing with the whims of the wind. At sunrise and sunset, the desert bathes in hues of crimson and amber, casting mesmerizing shadows upon the sand.

But beneath this scenic beauty, there simmers a cauldron of unease. The whispers of trees and the songs of the winds carry tales of dissent and the rustlings of a brewing storm. The Southern Kingdoms might have been embraced by the Human Kingdoms, but its heart beats to its own ancient rhythm, and only time will tell how these tales unfold.


The city of Vandia, or Port City as it was colloquially termed by the seafaring pirates, stands on the precipice of history, a beacon of resilience and unity. Its white stone walls and imposing watchtowers tell tales of heroism, treachery, and the mysterious ways of fate.

As the new declaration of Vandia under the Kingdoms were being made, danger was looming on the horizon. The tranquil waves of the bay hid a sinister secret - an incoming armada of ships. As they drew nearer, the chilling realization dawned upon the city guard; these were no ordinary vessels. They sailed under tattered, ghostly sails, and there was an eerie silence about them - the Undying Fleet had arrived.

Panic gripped the defenders of Vandia. The shrill notes of the retreat horn echoed through the streets, urging the citizens to flee. But as the city braced for an onslaught, a lone figure emerged, his resolve unshaken by the impending doom. Decland Ducarth, with his fiery spirit and commanding presence, turned the tide. He rallied the retreating guards, instilling in them a newfound courage. With fervor in his eyes, he declared, "Today, we make our stand!"

Against all odds, under Decland's leadership, the defenders held their ground. But the skeletal, undead pirates seemed endless and unstoppable. Just as hope seemed to wane, a new ally appeared. From the forested outskirts, the Edhellainian Elves, known more for their aloofness than intervention, charged into the fray. With grace and precision, their arrows pierced the undead, their magic illuminating the battleground.

The combined might of Vandia's defenders and their unexpected elven allies finally repelled the Undying Fleet. The city was saved, but it bore the scars of battle.

In the aftermath, the Edhellainian Elves didn't just vanish back into their seclusion. They stayed, aiding the people of Vandia in rebuilding their homes and their spirits. As a symbol of gratitude and a bond forged in battle, they presented the city with a radiant treasure: a sacred stone, pulsating with vibrant colors, said to be imbued with ancient magic. This stone was placed in the heart of the city, a constant reminder of the sacrifices made and the protection that it now held against future threats.

Yet, as the months passed, whispers spread throughout the Southern Kingdoms. Some dismissed the tales of undead pirates as mere exaggerations of a traumatic event. But those who stood on the ramparts that fateful day, those who looked into the hollow eyes of the enemy, knew the truth. Their accounts, eerily similar in detail, became legends, passed down through the annals of history.

Today, Vandia stands not just as a city but as a testament to bravery, unity, and the enduring spirit of its people. Decland Ducarth, now the revered Lord of the City, watches over his domain, ever vigilant, with the glowing stone at the city's center serving as a beacon of hope and a warning to any who might think of threatening its walls.